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AEEC: An International Journal

Applied Environmental Education and Communication is a scholarly, peer-reviewed quarterly for both academics and practitioners. It presents the latest environmental developments in the fields of education, communication, social marketing, journalism, and behavioral science, as well as information on sustainability education, environmental interpretation, risk communication, public relations and outreach, environmental health communication, governmental and corporate public awareness, and environmental campaigns around the world.

Cover of the Journal: Preview Issue 2001 Applied Environmental Education and Communication provides practitioners with specific recommendations based on experience and research. Authors are encouraged to report what worked and what did not and to make suggestions for future strategies. This multidisciplinary journal is written in a straightforward style with a minimum of technical jargon.

Applied Environmental Education and Communication is published in association with the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Australian Association for Environmental Education, and the IUCN World Conservation Union - Commission on Education and Communication. These Associations allow members in good standing to receive a personal subscription at reduced rates.

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